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Sunday, October 09, 2011

"today i don't fell like doing anything,
i just wanna lay in bed
dont fell like pick up my fon,
so leave msg at the tone . . "

hu3, what must i do, weekend soo bored. .
xder sape la nak tman aq ni, kcian kan. . !
just spend time with PHONE.GAME.ON9.SLEEP.
that all. . grr. . everytime. doing the same thing. .
finding something new , to open my mind.
and must think outside the box. .
nant xkan lah jd cam "katak d bwh tempurung"
uurrmm. . . . tetibe jd blur plak. .

sape yg nk bg cadangan kt aku. ? ? angkat tngan
:P . . tp, nampk ker aq klu korng angkat tngn. ? haha.
i'm just joking. . de pape kome, komen jer kat bwah. .
da ade ruang untuk korang ye. . pape hal. . .
i love u all. . kbai. tata. :D

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