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Monday, March 07, 2011

-----i got Xperia X10 mini-----

huhu..nk beli nset nset lain yg dapat...ngee..~~pe pendapat korang tentang nset tau enset ney x semahal enset yg korang gune tuh..hukhuk....yg penting aq beli nset ney gune duet usaha aq sendiri,x menyusahkan sesape pom..,,kui...cute kan..?? yg penting ade wi-fi..yg nih la yg aq nk..xpe wlaupom xder g3 or pape dy pom cntex doe...5.0 MP..act,.aq x ske mne laa nset touch nk wak mcm mne..just nset ney jer yg paling dekat aq bleh beli..kat kdai kwan aq..haha..(kwanaq ker..??)..mex cina tu..kwanaq laa..duk lepak sokmo kdai dy..klu ckap ngen dy mmg xabis..haha..smalam aq n kwn aq zana g kat kdai dy..lepak2 n tngok2 tepom..bole laa dy bg murah ket kat aq..lololo....soo epy...U ARE MINE..

“Xperia X10 mini from Sony Ericsson is a very small and stylish mobile phone. Nonetheless, it delivers excellent performance with a comprehensive range of features such as GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G and a 5 megapixel camera with flash. The phone runs on the Android platform and offers users the full benefits of a much larger device although its touch screen size is just 2.55-inch (6.48 cm). Its small size and weight and variety of vivid case colours make it perfect for introducing the fairer sex to smartphone technology.”

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